Training Opportunities

Incarnate breakdancer

Incarnate Pathway Opportunities

  • Grow in your skill as an artist or curator and understand the significance of your artistry in God’s eyes
  • Learn the theology of creativity and arts in the kingdom of God
  • Develop an approach for engaging the least-reached through your creativity
  • Work alongside experienced cross-cultural artists practicing ministry in a variety of contexts
  • Explore new ways to express, challenge and encourage yourself and others through art.


South Africa – 14-25 October 2024 – Arts in Missions Foundations Course at REACH South Africa 

Artists, musicians, performers, and curators are invaluable in knowing how to bring beauty, and lead people to ask the right questions. This course empowers artists to foster worship across diverse cultures, cultivating vibrant Jesus-follow-ing communities among the least reached. Join our course, a collaboration between Inspiro Arts Alliance and REACH missions discipleship train-ing. Dive into workshops, discussions, solo proj-ects, and group activities to increase your impact.


  • Understand and practice engaging cross-cul-turally through the arts
  • Observe case studies of various artists. who have long-term partnerships with communities of Jesus followers
  • Design a practical ministry plan of engagement with a people group using your art form


Japan – 1 April – 30 September 2025 – TENT

  • Training – training artists to use their skills to share the gospel in a contextual way
  • Enriching – we will enrich the world around us by creating art together
  • Navigating – we will spend time navigating scriptures together and growing in our faith
  • Transforming – we will pursue OM's mission of creating vibrant communities of Jesus followers and transform our community by training artists who are interested in ministry and how to apply that training in a Japanese context



Vibrant Communities Through the Arts

Vibrant Communities Through the Arts



1 September - 1 November, 2024. (An 8-and-a-half-week session).


As image bearers of God, creating and desiring “the beautiful” is in our nature. The creative arts express beauty, transform hearts, and inspire action in a way that just words often do not. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a vibrant community that lacks the arts. Yet often, many people, especially those without an arts background, are unsure of the best way to engage the arts or artists. They may not even be aware of the vibrancy that is lacking by their omission of the arts. In this course, you will explore some basic foundations for finding and incorporating culturally relevant arts into your ministry, applying them immediately to the kingdom goals for your community. This free virtual course has been designed for both creatives and ministry leaders with no artistic background.

Time Commitment: Plan to spend 3-4 hours working on each module in this course. Time will vary based on how involved you are in the discussions, your English level, and your previous exposure to the concepts covered in the course. Two of the modules require you to conduct an interview, which may require more time. In the end, you will also create an action plan to apply what you have learned.

ViCTA will now be offered in two ways to better suit people's schedules and lifestyles:

  • A 5-and-a-half-week session
  • An 8-and-a-half-week session

The 8-and-a-half-week schedule is ideal for people who can only dedicate 4-5 hours a week to the course, anyone who likes to reflect while learning, or anyone who takes more time to learn in English.

Pre-requisites: None

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  1. Describe why culturally relevant arts are important for building vibrant communities of Jesus followers (VCJFs).
  2. Describe the unique artistic language of a culture through study of a created work.
  3. Identify ways that evil aspects of an art form can be changed to glorify God.
  4. Identify the creative expressions most meaningful to yourself and someone else.
  5. Create an action plan for encouraging culturally relevant arts in your community.


Tips for Success

There are 8 modules in this course, one module per week. Each module includes a short summary, resources, activities, and a discussion. Please read, watch, or listen to all content. It is important to study all material carefully because it is the foundation for all activities.

Main Topics

Main topics addressed in this course include:
Module 1: The Arts in Culture Reflect on the power of the arts as you read about the arts in Kyrgyzstan and China and consider how you could apply what you learn within a culture.
Module 2: Do creative expressions matter? Before we delve into culturally relevant art, it is good to pause and reflect on the use of creative arts in Scripture.
Module 3: Are the arts a universal language? The arts are a universal phenomenon present in every culture, but are the arts universally understood across cultures?
Module 4: Are some cultural art forms evil? As you seek out more culturally relevant art forms, you may come across some evil uses for the arts. Are some forms naturally evil?
Module 5: Is local creativity powerful in practice? Watch and read stories of how culturally relevant arts have stimulated vibrancy in a community. Then, consider both your and someone else’s heart arts.
Module 6: Community Arts You have looked at your heart arts, but what about the arts that express the heart of a whole community??
Module 7: Application: Interview a Cultural Insider What culturally relevant art forms can you include to encourage vibrancy in your target culture?
Module 8: Application: Action Plan How will you include culturally relevant arts to encourage vibrancy in your target culture? In this module, you will plan your next steps.

Registration opens August 9th, 2024.


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